We got our little Enzo 9 months ago. He had a long flight from Chicago to San Diego, but when he arrived  he was surprisingly calm and in great condition. That’s when I got my Enzo’s first kiss. Then he just took a deep exhale and relaxed on my lap in a warm blanket. 


Since we got him we’ve fallen in  love with this stunning, noble, smart, funny, unique dog.  He is always in a good mood, playful and wants to please you.  I can talk about Enzo all day long and won’t be tired.;-) He is bringing so much joy to our family and whoever is around us. Talk about compliments—I don’t know anybody in the world who gets as many compliments as our little prince Enzo.  We are very proud of our new family member.


Of course we know that our Enzo is soooo perfect because of the talent and hard work of  Kathy and Krista.  They are raising  almost ideal  and almost human dogs, no kidding!  They love their dogs and are taking care of them almost like their own kids.  So many nights they could not sleep, because they have to take care of one or another issue. So much time they have to spend with new puppies to train them and raise them in a way so that they will be confident , responsive , knowlegable .  Kathy has a unique  gift for breeding her dogs, that’s why all her puppies are so beautiful and talented. Kathy and Krista are very supportive too. I can call Kathy any time and ask questions about our puppy and she is always available. She is the BEST breeder ever with a wonderful soul.


Thank you Kathy for all your hard work in developing the most beautiful, intelligent, award-winning German Shepherds in the world.


PS – If anyone would like to discuss our five-year relationship w/ Kathy and Krista, pls request our phone number from Kathy and call us.  We’d love to tell you more about the Vom Faehnrich dogs!


Tanya McQuerter