3x VA2  Hulda vom Polarkreis  SchH3 Kkl1  LBZ

  • Owners;  Krista and Kathy Potocki
  • Breeder: Sari Nohe
  • Dob 10-07-07
See Hulda’s past litter 8-2-15
See Hulda’s past litter

Hulda is not a dog, she is a dream.  She was imported through Sari and Dietmar Nohe.   We were told we would be shipped two very nice puppies.   When we arrived at the airport to receive them, we immediately saw the high quality of these pups sired by VA1 (Irish) Sieger Wilson von der Schnuckenweide.
Krista was asking for a dog of her own to develop and train to the top of her career.  One more look at Hulda’s face and temptation took over.  Krista now had her dream-puppy.
Hulda flew to her first show in San Jose’ California.  It was the 2008 USA Sieger Show.  She was entered in the 4-6 month puppy class.  We felt she was so elegant and a vision in movement.  We were absolutely thrilled when she placed 1st.   Show after show it seemed the judges all agreed that she was a dog that had the finesse needed to be at the very top.
T. Floyd was the trainer we had hoped would see potential in Hulda for her performance capabilities.  Since he only accepts a few dogs in training per year, it was such an honor to have his talent and expertise in training our beauty queen.  After the SchH3 title was placed on Hulda, she went to her first Working Class.  It was the 2011 USA Sieger Show in.  She was having fun as she walked out on the field.  She enthusiastically showed the judge that beauty queens can bite!   She was awarded a “Performance Award.”   That was just the beginning that weekend as she continued to shine in the conformation arena.  Hulda seemed to know she was there with some of the best dogs in the world.  Surely, she stepped into the ring as the best in our country.  She glided along with wings.  Poetry in motion comes to my mind.  She earned the position of vice Siegerin the VA2 of 2011.
The next years were spent conditioning and training.  Again and again Hulda proves herself consistently as the VA2 female at the USA Sieger Shows.  She has now held her position for 3x VA2.  

This superior dog is now producing litters so that other lucky people can have an opportunity to own their own version of Hulda.


  • 2008 4-6    USA Sieger Show San Jose’     VP 1st place R. Carbajal
  • 2008   6-9   Great Lakes Regional  VP 2nd place M. Dorssen
  • 2008  9-12   Midwest Regional  VP 1st place Rainer Mast
  • 2008  9-12   Stateline Show  VP 1st place Dieter Oeser
  • 2008  9-12    Topline Show  VP 1st place M. Goldfarb
  • 2008 9-12   N. Central  Regional  VP 2nd place      Hans J.Dux
  • 2008  12-18  NASS Lexington  SG 6th place   R. Brauch
  • 2009  18-24 USA Sieger Show Chgo.  SG 5th place       J. Grewe
  • 2009  18-24 Bur-Oak  SG 2nd place W. Nordsiek
  • 2009  18-24 CIPWDA  SG 1st place E Seifert
  • 2009  18-24 O.G. Edgerton             SG 1st place J. Grewe
  • 2009  18-24 Chgo Sch Verein   SG 1st place H. P. Fetten
  • 2011  Working USA Sieger Show Dallas   VA 2nd place K Macintyre
  • 2011 Working Class Sieger Show          Performance  Award      N. Roque
  • 2011  O.G. Hauptstadt     V 1st place       Dieter Oeser
  • 2011 Chgo. Sch. Verein     V 1st place B. Weber
  • 2012 Chgo. Sch. Verein     V 2nd place      T. Teubert
  • 2012 Working USA Sieger Show   VA 2nd place      J. Grewe
  • 2013Working USA Sieger Show    VA 2nd place       Rainer Mast

2013 USCA Sieger Show VA2 Hulda Vom Polarkreis, SCH3, KKL1 LBZ  ~Performance Video~

2012 USCA Sieger Show VA2 Hulda Vom Polarkreis, SCH3, KKL1 LBZ  ~Performance Video ~