V1 Zoey vom Mittelwest, SCH3, KKL1

  • Owners;  Krista and Kathy Potocki
  • Co-owner: Julie Martinez
  • Breeders: Kathy & Krista Potocki  and Julie Martinez
  • Dob  05-08-09
See Zoey’s past litter 12-1-15
See Zoey’s past litters

Zoey is a very delightful friendly dog.  She is an offspring of Angelina vom Faehnrich and continues our mother-line. Her sire is V1 Banderas du Domaine du Parc of Germany.  This sire was chosen as a representative of his father,  the 2x VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard.   Zoey is then also a great grand-daughter of  Pakros d’ Ulmental.  
The richness of the red and the black pigment is heavy in this breeding.  Zoey is a pretty mover, with a stylish gait.  She finished as the SG1 at the 2010 USA Sieger Show in the 12-18 class.  From there she had earned a trip  to Germany for showing, titling, and breeding.  
Zoey has since been producing wonderful puppies.  Her very first litter produced a exceptional puppy, Tiara vom Mittelwest,  who was given a critique at a NASS Sieger Show stating that she was by far the most correct in her class and is exactly what a dog should look like anatomically.  We like to give Zoey a break from the whelping box and show her again at times.  She does enjoy the show ring.  Recently she was shown at a 2013 Indiana Regional placing second in her class after not being shown for two years!
Temperament is always a criteria.  A dog that is predictable in all situations and maintains a happy pleasant disposition is definitely a part of who Zoey is and what she produces in her progeny.  Zoey has good pack drive and wants to please.