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VA2 Tiara Vom Mittelwest, IPO3 KKL1

  • Owners;  Krista and Kathy Potocki
  • Co-owner: Julie Martinez
  • Breeders: Kathy & Krista Potocki and Julie Martinez
See Tiara’s past litter 8-2-15
See Taira’s past litters

Tiara is a selected puppy from Zoey vom Mittelwest’s first litter.  The sire is Bix von Arlett of the famous Von Arlett Kennels owned by Margit van Dorssen in Germany.  Thus, Tiara is a Furbo Degli Achei granddaughter.  This is a highly desirable bloodline and has produced numerous high placing progeny. 
Tiara seemed to walk into the show ring from birth.  She has always held the very top places.  In 2012 Nass Sieger Show the judge remarked that she was the best in her class anatomically.  He stated that she was the exact anatomy to look for in a dog.  In the 2013 USA Sieger Show she placed SG1 under SV Kormeister Rainier Mast in the 18-24 class.  This is an important class to observe the up and coming working class of the future.  Tiara received a V1 under SV Kormeister Frank Goldlust at the first GSDCA Sieger Show in 2014.
She is a highly devoted dog.  She tends to be a one-person dog although she enjoys everyone.  Her keen attention is seen through her intent eyes.  Always ready for whatever can become prey.  As a pup, I had to be careful if my hair waved in the air.  It became fair game.  She is a dog who wants to be where the action is.  In a very brief time she has totally won our hearts.
Tiara recently completed her training under the master trainer, T. Floyd. His professional expertise along with that fact that he genuinely loved Tiara is proofed in her work ethics. It is our hope that she continues her show career and blesses us with more just like herself.   Keep your eyes open to watch for this little beauty at the next show!

Tiara’s Show Records

  • Chicago Sch. Verein              Libertyville 05/12/12                 SV   T.Teubert          VP4
  • USCA Seiger Show                Indianapolis  05/18/12                   J. Grewe             VP3
  • Bur Oak Hundesport            Long Grove 10/13/12                 SV    Rudiger Mai     SG1
  • NASS    Sieger                       Medinah  10/20/12                   SV  H. Setzer           SG3 
  • Topline WDA                         Medinah   11/20/12                   SV R. Mast                SG1                
  • O.G. Landheim                      Dyer  03/24/13                          SV  R. Mast              SG2
  • USCA Sieger                          Lake Geneva 05/10/13             SV  R. Mast             SG1
  • Tri City Sch. Verein               March 2014     SV W. Henke        High in Protection
  • USCA Seiger                          St. Louis  05/17/14                      K. Macintyre       V5
  • Chicago Sch. Verein              Libertyville 06/14/14                    SV  U. Sprenger       V1
  • GSDCA Seiger                       St. Louis  10/5/14                       SV  F. Goldlust         V1
  • 2015 USCA                                Zion   05/15/15                   SV Margit Van Dorssen  VA2
  • 2016 USCA                              Indianapolis 4/28/16                SV  Dieter Oeser   VA3
  • 2016 GSDCA                           Missouri   10/14/16              SV Margit van Dorssen  VA2

2014 GSDCA  Sieger  Performance V1 Tiara Vom Mittelwest