V1 Angelina vom Faehnrich  SchH3 Kkl1 LBZ   

  • Owners and Breeders; Kathy and Krista Potocki
  • Co-owner; Julie Martinez
  • Dob 01-28-03

Angelina was the first born to Yackie.  She was a large 2lb. pup at birth.  She had a huge head and thick legs.  Angel was a female full of substance.  Along with her substantial build, she “temperament tested” at 6 weeks to be a dog who would do extremely well in protection work.    
Thus Angelina was selected to continue her mother-line.  Her sire VA3 (USA) Jaguar von der Mausespitz, out of VA1 Ursus von Batu, gifted Angelina with a perfect brood-type anatomy.  It was always very predictable what her offspring would look like.  It seemed they all had large heads and a great deal of bone.  
Angelina was very easy to train for sport.  Her eagerness to do all obedience and protection work was phenomenal.  Krista was thirteen when she first brought this confident dog into the Sieger Show to perform her bite work.  The crowd roared with delight at the assured and accurate performance.
Some of the best helpers in the United States have raved about her abilities on the field.  Steve House once commented, “ This is a dog I won’t forget. She is one of the finest and hardest females I have worked whether Working lines or Showlines!”
We are extremely proud of her progeny.  A signature type was produced.  One of her finest pups became Mittelwest’s first Sieger, VA1 Titan vom Mittelwest. These characteristics are still easily visible and continue into her grand-pups.  The trainability of her offspring have allowed us to see a great diversity of aptitudes also.  Angel’s pup Taya vom Mittelwest,  became the youngest graduate of the Delta Society Therapy dog program.   
Forever in our hearts and lives, this fantastic dog is now retired in our home as a pet.  She still believes at nearing age 12 that she should be competing in the show ring and loving her Schutzhund field more than anything. She is truly a dog that will never be forgotten.