Vom Faehnrich German Shepherds was first established in 1998.  We are dedicated to the German Shepherd and maintaining the original temperament and purpose of the breed.  Vom Faehnrich is a small family operated business.  We are intentionally small to maintain a one-on-one relationship with our puppies and dogs.  This enables us to care for and work with each dog individually on a daily basis.

Our dogs are either imported or bred from world-class West German bloodlines. The accomplishments of our selected breeding animals are endless.  We have proven them by achieving some of the highest show results in the country. This would include the coveted Sieger and a 3x VA2 dog.  It is our goal to be involved in all aspects of the capabilities of this majestic breed.

 The lineage we have worked with or developed was viewed as exceptional dogs by the prestigious Mittelwest kennel owned by Julie Martinez.  We were honored to be invited to develop, breed, and co-own some of our dogs with Mittelwest.  Hence why we breed and continue lines  under two different kennel names.  Ms. Martinez has so generously assisted in helping us to expand our horizons to enjoy the pleasures of the conformation show ring and continued breeding of some of the finest German bloodlines available.

Our endeavors have allowed for our dogs to participate in many activities encompassing the conformation/show ring, Schutzhund sport, therapy work, search and rescue, and of course as the greatest companions ever.

As breeders, we carefully select the genetics that will imbue our puppies with the greatest potentiality. All breeding stock has been titled in Schutzhund or IPO.  They have stood up to the rigors of tracking, obedience, and protection work along with the competition in the conformation ring.  Hips and elbows are x-rayed and certified by the German SV.  All are Breed Surveyed as recommended for breeding by the German SV.

Producing only one to three litters per year allows for us to spend a great deal of time assisting the puppies in their development and care.  It is in the early development that a puppy emerges with his personality.  It is a critical time period, which can be nurtured and developed to assist in the formation of what the puppy will become the rest of his life.